May 18, 2012

Friday Fabulous Finds-Yellow Drop of Georgous

Hello Soulmates

While out garage sale'n I came across this gorgeous dress. Ladies, my heart started pumping, palms started sweating I tell ya. I just about died when I saw this dress. An older gentleman approach me and said it was the very first dress that he ever purchased for his wife. "It is still my favorite dress." he said. It did have a price tag which is very normal when you are at a garage sale. When I asked how much, his wife said, "how about 1 dollar?" "SOLD!" I yelled! Oh my Lord, I couldn't get my money out fast enough.  I couldn't wait to get home to do research on the designer Leo Narducci. While researching I cam across a blogger who also found a Leo Narducci dress at her friend's consignment shop. She posted the picture of this dress
and Leo Narducci the man himself replied to her post.OMG OMG OMG! I hope he does the same to me and maybe he will follow me too. HELLO Mr. Narducci! He is also on Facebook and you already know I am going to friend request him. Without further a do, here is THE dress.
she fits me like a glove

Mr. Narducci this dress is amazing, the satin detail on the bottom and inside the hood of the dress is what I call perfection. This dress is Yellow Drop of Gorgeous it perfectly shows off a the shape of the woman. Its sexy in every way. This is another reason why I love love love vintage clothing.  I honestly feel designers back then were highly aware of the structure of the woman's body and made sure that their designs highlighted and accentuated our curves.

Yellow faux alligator vintage handbag. 

I picked up this bag at a thrift store sometime ago. I almost didn't purchase it because it reeked of cigarette smoke-YUCK! I was able to get rid of the smell by letting it air out for long while, I wiped it down with bleach and water, and then I put fabric softener inside and left it inside for several weeks.

Vintage booty shorts aka Daisy Dukes. These are going to be for sale. One size it has a draw string.

Original CHEETERS by Surf Line Hawaii-I wasn't able to find any information on these. SOULmates do you have any information?

Summer Summer Summer TIME! Lucy is modeling these beautiful necklaces. I plan to redesign them, stay tuned to see my creative juices flow.

Vintage Cowgirl Boot pin resigned by yours truly. For Sale price TBD. Don't forget to check out my Etsy and FB page. Click on the links to the left. :) 

Tomorrow is a community wide Gsale and I will be there bright and early because. THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM>>>>>!

Say hello to your neighbor today and genuinely ask how they are doing.

Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s



    1. IKR! Ebony I about died when she told me the price of the dress. I love garage sales!

  2. How exciting! Congrats on some wonderful finds :)
    I love it when that happens - my heart rate increases and I just KNOW I've struck gold.

    Have a wonderful long weekend Shalika!

    xo Georgina


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