August 29, 2012

Jazz it up

I'm browsing today to see what I should buy for Fall 2012. Like I really need to add anything else to my wardrobe,(but, of course) To justify my statement I just got rid of a ton of clothes last week which I will be selling at a consignment shop. SOOOO, out with the OLD and in with the NEW. DONE.

Here's what I WANT.

Contrasting collars

Something this shade of red

Baroque style dress

This skirt I already bought, but how cute with the blouse!

A statement hat like so
Not to mention I love what she did with the bow belt here

What are your wants for Fall 2012? Get them now!

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August 08, 2012

Fall 2012 *Colored* Denim

Are you wondering if you can pull off colored denim? Well, you can because its IN and has been IN for awhile now. Don't be scurrrred, just do it and step outside the box. Be confident and rock what your mama gave you! Here are the colors which are IN for Fall 2012! Also, watch out because zipper ankle skinny's will be big for Fall 2012 too!

My personal favorite are the hunter green ones! You can pair any of these looks with a simple top and a killer heel. For fall, think layers and grab a sweater and a button up and pop that collar! Have fun with it...Afterall, it is color you're working with here...

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July 27, 2012

Vegas Style

July has not been the best month for me so my apologizes for being MIA.

Last week I spent 4 days in Las Vegas with 6 girlfriends to celebrate my 28th birthday. We had such a good time and with 7 girls you're probably thinking DRAMA, but there was NO drama involved and everyone got along so well. We danced our hearts out and played in the hot sunshine all day, everyday! everyday!
One day at the pool, we came across this beautiful young lady who made her own swimsuit bottoms. We were all amazed because it was such a flattering look and the best part is they are ONE OF A KIND! She said she bought Spanx and then just sewed the buttons on herself. I was inspired!

Do you have an idea? Take that idea and run with it. Don't give up!

Surrender Night Club in Las Vegas 7.18.2012

July 12, 2012

Stylish Beyond Their Years

There's no doubt that every once in a while we see someone considerably older than ourselves that carries them self with such class and style that you can only hope that you can age as gracefully as them someday. Well thanks to the lovely Ari Seth Cohen, there is a way for everyone to bask in the greatness that is mature style.

Aren't those pictures just inspiring? Check out more of these great snapshots here.


June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

As we all know 4th of JULY is fast approaching and I found the perfect Vans over the weekend at one of my favorite thrift shops in Walla Walla called Door Number Two. I swear I find something every time I go in there to add to my wardrobe. It's always unique, has a story behind it, and speaks to me in some way when I make the purchase. If you ever travel to Walla Walla, definitely stop through and tell Jessica I sent you! ;)
I know 4th of July is next week so your prone to see the patriotic icons standing out...I don't know about you, but I have been seeing it ALL OVER in the last few months and not just because it's 4th of JULY, but because it's trending in the market right now. Check out the below photos for what to keep your eye out for when thrift shopping, you never know what you may find out there!

Rihanna rocking shorts on a night out

 Jeffrey Campbell

 My Vans find $16 (I brought in clothes so had a credit too- SCORE)


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June 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

So, another trip to Eastern Washington this passed weekend (Lake Chelan) and we had the car full to the max after 4 yard sales. It was pretty hilarious, we even had stuff piled on our laps by the end of our adventure. Of course, I took a picture to capture the memory. We could have dropped a load off and kept going but I had a friend coming into town so we decided it was time to stop. I found everything from a world globe (for free) to hair rollers that have never been used, and a huge pile of handmade Halloween costumes for 10 bucks. Totally scored and ONLY spent a total of $40 bucks.What? huh? how? I KNOW. It amazes me too. 

Here are a few of my finds I want to share to inspire YOU: 

$1 Clutch. I found tickets in here to the Paramount Theater back from the gold tips

$2 Bowls. These were very unique to me and come in a stack-able set of 3

 25 cent earrings. These over-sized earrings are big right now, and I love the coral/pink.

$2.50 Levi's Jacket. I was hoping this would fit my brother, but it did not so it sold to a friend in Miami
 $5 Vintage Jansport. I use this for my dog bag now and it works great


Here are some YARD SALE tips to check out!

1.If you are at a yard sale that has a "fill a bag of clothes for $5" deal (or similar), you can get more clothes into a bag if you roll them up like a sausage rather than just stuffing them into the bag willy-nilly. 
2. Make sure you have cash on hand, and small bills. I personally like to bring only a certain amount of cash and when it's gone, it's gone. No mas! Don’t be afraid to haggle a price down if you feel it is too high. The worst the seller can say is no.
3. Don't be afraid of NOT buying something at a yard sale. I know some people who feel a weird obligation to buy something at every yard sale whether they need it or not. I just say, "sorry I don’t see anything I need - good luck with your sale, you have a great day for it", and then I’m off to the next one. Otherwise you’ll end up with so much stuff you’ll have to have your own yard sale. 
4. I've trained myself to keep my eyes opened for upcoming yard sales and mark the calendar so I don't forget. For instance, when I see announcement that a local organization is soliciting donations for an upcoming yard sale - I run to the calendar and mark it down. And some organizations will hold a yard sale the same time every year (so I mark that on my calendars and when the year changes I'll pencil in potential yard sales).
5. Lastly, if you see an item you would like (but is priced too high and the seller won't negotiate), give the seller your name and telephone number and tell them you are interested if it doesn't sell by the end of the day and they are willing to come down on the price. One reader's suggestion: carry extra business cards for this purpose, who knows, YOU may end up selling THEM something!  

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May 31, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

As some of you may know I was born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington....on the other side of the beautiful mountains :) It's about 4 hours away in the south eastern tip of the state. When I go home to visit the one thing I always do is hit up yard sales with my mama. She has taught me well and my eye is now trained to find those bargains and one of kind key items for the wardrobe/home. Check out these high waisted Levi denim shorts...They are a little snug on me, but they button so I will rock them! Ha! I plan to do a little stud detailing on can also dye your shorts too because that seems to be the trend now. Happy Thrifting! You never know what you may find out there..and remember to always MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

 My find=50 cents! "WHAT!"

Here is what you can do with them

Simple skinny belt
Tie together with a cute handbag

Over-sized sweater and scarf
Simple sandals/flats

Black tights
Basic black blazer or leather jacket



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