May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-Stripes & Leopard Print


Striped and Satin Dress: Nordstrom Brand
Leopard Coat: Lucky Brand
Short Orange Cardigan: Macy's
Tights: Target 
Shoes: Michal Kors
HandBag: Balenciaga 
Accessories: Randomness from my huge collection

Celebrating my guys birthday at The Parlor Comedy show. Today's life lesson Laugh until it hurts.

I was a little behind schedule, so I had to find something in my closet that was wrinkle free. My closet is so jammed packed with clothes, this is almost an impossible feat- accept for THIS dress. I added the bright orange cardigan for a pop of color. (My guy had the nerve to question my actions. He said,"black and white stripes with orange?" I just looked at him and rolled my eyes.) Not to say I don't value his fashion opinion, I just didn't ask for it at that particular time *Wink*. The bag I just love, the accessories are a must, the shoes make me happy and they sparkle, the leopard print short faux fur coat was a last minute thought that ended up being a double exclamation point!!


 The back of my MK shoes are detailed with beautiful black crystal rhinestones.I would have taken a shot of the back but someone had an attitude(I'm not naming any names *CHINH) so I had to get it over and done with quickly. *SIGH-GRRR* I need a personal photographer..

A little *POP* of color on the toesy toes.

How She Wore It

Blogger: Jessica from What I Wore.

Today is the day Be Bold* Be Brave *Be Beautiful, more importantly *BE YOU!
Always, SOULBeautiful  xx*s


  1. I love the way you styled the outfit!!!

    I'm Georgina and your newest follower! I hope you have a wonderful long weekend xo

    1. Welcome with open arms Ms. Georgina Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s.

  2. I like your jacket and shoes!


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