May 16, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-Floral and Strips

Hello Beautiful SOULmates

I have been on cloud nine for the past few days because the weather in Seattle has been absolutely perfect!

While obsessing over Pinterst (BTW you should follow me) I came across the cutest outfit.  Floral and Strips, I was instantly inspired and this is what I came up with.

My guy said this picture makes me look WIDE aka FAT. What ever! I love my thickness. *most of the time*

The clutch I am holding was a gift from my dear friend Echo who is a HUGE  inspiration in my life. She recently launched her business website deafREVIEW check it out. Most importantly her birthday was yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ECHO! I LOVE YOU!

This shirt is so soft and comfy the material is washable silk. Honestly, everything should be washable. The print makes me want to take a vacation to Hawaii.The subtle detail strips on the bottom of the skirt makes me want to HOLLER.  

My accessories for the day. 

Grey Textured Bangle-Target
White Square Crystal Bangle-Nordstrom
Watch-Michael Kors
Ring-my commitment to the one I adore

  The shirt and skirt are both items I purchased at GoodWill.

Oh goodness I am in love.

Hair-my long time friend/stylist ZUE
Necklace-Name Plate Etsy-Just in case I forget my name

Quick story-One night I was out with my girls and this guy was totally trying to hit on me. I was SO not interested. When he asked me what my name I gave him my alias. He looked at me sideways and said well your name plate says differently. Oh, hehe my bad.  I am such a DORK!

Shoes make me happy-Steve Madden they were lost in my closet and now they have been FOUND! 

  I am reminded why I could never ever make it as a model. I would be dead broke. Grrrrr, please tell me I am not the only blogger who dreads taking pictures.

PS. I am sure you have taken notice to the changes on my website. I would love to hear your thoughts SOULmates.

I have Jillian with Geek Chic Social to thank. She is an amazing blogger with great tips on how to be a better blogger in this crazy, twisted world of blogging. You must check out her blog!

I found her while blog hopping about a month ago. Blog hopping is a great way to support and find not so famous yet bloggers-Im hopping you should too. :)


Create the life you want to live! 

Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

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