April 04, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-Cosmetic Trunk Show


Hello Beautiful SOULmates

Ok, where do I start. How about my girlfriend Tika convinced me to get up before the crack of dawn to attend a fashion show that literally lasted 5 minutes. The rest of the time they spent plugging every beauty product you could imagine. In fact I was bamboozled because it wasn't a fashion show it was a cosmetic trunk show-KILL ME NOW!  I'm so not a product junkie. They all claimed to be fabulous must haves if you want to preserve your beauty for the rest of your "natural" life. It was all a bunch of BS if you ask me. *SIGH* I did however, get a swag bag with a lot of goodies that I most likely will never use, but I love FREE STUFF!

Oh and I forgot to mention I had a slight hangover from the night before. I don't bounce back like I use to. OMG it hurts so bad!
These are my "go-to" cargo previously worn HERE I Love them. THE longest clutch I have ever seen or owned-its vintage and I am in LOVE!
These are all the cray crays who woke up hella early for a 5 minute fashion show.
 Give A Way bags...Open! Open! Open!

And I won bottle of Valentino 'Valentina Perfume.' I swear I made it ALL worth it-I get so many complements while wearing this scent.

Inspired by a new generation of Italian It girls, Valentina embodies a rebellious Italian heiress. Cool, free minded and careless, she drives us on her quest to experience today’s Italian dolce vita—the good life—with utter freshness, irreverence and a whole lot of attitude.

Top notes: The exuberant freshness of Calabrian bergamot is enhanced with the unexpected twist of white alba truffle.
Middle notes: floral irreverence. The iconic beauty of a white floral bouquet (Amalfi orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine) is subtly kissed by wild strawberry.
Base notes: captivating, amber-like woods. The captivating sensuality of amber is enriched by the noble signature of cedar. -Nordtrom.

 There are two things I adore, COLOR and PRINTS. This is the perfect, "Lets go to Miami BEYOTCH dress."
ignore the arrow, lol.
6am pull it together look!
As I made my way through Nordstrom, make up was flying everywhere. And people were lined up to get beautified. No wonder its a multimillion dollar industry. Clearly, I am in the wrong business. I had to fight for a breathe of fresh air as spritz of over 100 different fragrances *cough cough gag* took my nose hostage. After several different attempts I was finally kidnapped by Bobby Brown Cosmetics. Yup, they got me to sit in THE chair. I hate nothing more than getting makeup applied while passer-byers stop, glance, and smirk then keep on walking. WTH does that mean! LOL. I sat quietly while my eyes got a makeover. I wondered when is she going to say..."Wow you have beautiful skin," oh there it is, she said it, and it only took her 5 minutes.

Honestly, cosmetics just isn't my thing. I swear by Cetaphil products because they have been around since I was born. I get glycolic peels, and facials as needed. I pretty much keep it simple, especially when it comes to wearing makeup. Not because I don't like makeup, I just don't know how to properly apply it in order to save myself from looking like a scary clown. I simply just stay away from it all. I admire women who knows how to glam up when it comes to wearing makeup. Its a skill I do not have.

Somehow some way, no matter what, I always end up in HANDBAG or SHOE department!

One day I will buy them ALL! mmwahhhhhhh!
  • Faux fur vest-White House Black Market-Thrifted
  • Chanel looking glass chain- I blogged about it HERE
  • Beaded Necklace-Gifted by my sista girl DeDe while on vacation somewhere HOT!
  • Cargo pants-Target 
  • Brown Leather Angle Boots-Aldos
  • Earrings-Vintage
  • Sunglasses Michael Kors-Garage Sale find
  • Blouse Zara-Clothing Swap

SOULmates are you product junkies? If so help a sista out  by giving me some "how to be beautiful" tips. 

Always, SOULBeauitful xoshalikaxo

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