April 15, 2012


Clothing Swap, Sunshine and Lollipops

Hello Beautiful SOULmates

If you don't mind I would like to start this blog of with a quote that made me go uh huh yup that's right!

"Character is how you treat people who can't do nothing for you." 

This statement holds truth and value. There are a lot of people in the fashion scene that are all about themselves and do not give anyone the time or day if the exchange of conversation doesn't lead to them benefiting  in some way. Sad, but it is the kind of world we live in. Lets work on being good and nice to everyone because its the right thing to do and not because you think you can gain something from them.-Real Talk.

Clothing Swap

I'm supper excited about today. Why you ask? My Sistagirl is having a clothing swap. I'm sure all of you know what a clothing swap is, but just in case here is a break down.

Fashionable Fabulous Friends bring gently worn, or new items

We swap/shop 

Wine, Food, 

Beautiful people and Good Conversations

The last few swaps I went to, one word-MAJOR! 
I made out with:
  • 2 Kate Spade handbags
  • Michael Kors Shoes
  • Oscar DeLa Renta vintage scarf 


Its another beautiful day in Seattle. There is one thing for sure about the people in Seattle  they do not take the sun for granted unlike us California sun spoiled brats.

When the sun is out everybody looks beautiful, there isn't a frown on one person's face only JOY!  


I am sure all of you are wondering what I mean when I say Lollipops. As a kid I loved lollipops, the taste, variety of colors and flavors. I especially love the unique shapes and special surprise on the inside, like a tootsie roll or bubble gum. Lollipops always makes me smile and bring back good memories. Seriously, how can you suck on a lollipop being pissed off! :)

Whenever I see something, or someone who is colorful, unique or a pleasant surprise, I say "They are just like a "Lollipop". 

Here are a few Fashion Lollipops from my Pinterest addiction:

DIOR-My HEART skipped a beat source

So Soft So Beautiful-Lost in my own thoughts source

MEOW with a little sssssnake source

I hope you have a beautiful day. Please remember be kind to one another. 

Always, SOULBeautiful, xo*s


  1. thanks for putting us up on the swap game. see you got some good stuff!

    1. :You and your girlfriends MUST have a swap, good times!


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