April 16, 2012

My week in review

Long time no blog! I've been on spring break this week so that is my excuse for the lack of posts, but I've had a pretty productive week in the meantime.

I went to two different concerts
The opening band Spectrals for the main act, Cults.

My dear friends Theodora and Anna (they're sisters!) at AWOLNATION

I got glasses for the first time ever!

Anna and myself showcasing my new specs with the lead singer of King Clifton

I started The Master Cleanse. It was tough at first, but now it's pretty much my life, well until Thursday. I really recommend it if you're looking for a relatively easy way to get healthy.

On Wednesday, my friend and I volunteered and served hot meals to the less fortunate. You can't really beat around the bush but the cliche is ever present. Being around people less fortunate than you really puts things into perspective.

I also roadtripped to Portland with my lovely mother to look at universities for me (eeeek!!)
I looked at Portland State University, University of Portland, and Lewis and Clark College. I especially loved PSU and Lewis and Clark because of the uniqueness of their campuses.PSU is literally right downtown and I really love that because I am a proper city gal. I love the hustle and bustle that a city has to offer.
Portland State University

On the contrary, Lewis and Clark is like a woodland wonderland that also conveniently has a prestigious college campus in it. Full of quirky, odd students and programs, I feel like this school is a great fit for me.
Beautiful reflecting pool on the actual campus, just steps away from a lecture hall!
Other relatively unimportant things that I did:
  • I watched 5 documentaries (An Inconvenient Truth, Religulous, America's Most Hated Family, Jesus Camp, Fast Food Nation)
  • Got a trim for the first time in a LONG while - way overdue.
  • Made up all of the sleep that I've missed since my last school break.
  • Got concert tickets for a concert that is NEXT summer.
If you've made it this far, you should win a prize because you've survived reading about my pretty uneventful week. The highest of internet high fives to you! 

Post a comment telling me about your weekend or week, I'd love to hear :)

xx Andie

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