April 13, 2012

Friday Fabulous Finds-Color, Prints, and Plaid


Hello Beautiful SOULmates

It is another beautiful day in Seattle. The sun is shining, although it is still a little too chilly for a sun dress.SHUCKS

Im super excited to share a few of my fabulous finds with you all this Friday...

 These fabulous print pants are to die for. They are high-waist fit and absolutely perfect in every way. I can NOT wait to play dress up with these. They are vintage of course, the label says KORET of California. I have come across this brand from time to time, but I think this is my first purchase from Koret. I did a little research on the brand and I found out that Koret was established in 1939 by a woman named Stephanie who traveled with her with her husband who was a traveling salesman. Stephanie acted as a model for her husbands sweaters and eventually started making and selling clothes herself.

More information can be found on this website VINTAGE FASHION GUILD. VFG is my new found love and great resource for retrieving information on my fabulous vintage finds.



For the life of me I can not recall the name of this style. SOULmates if you know please help me from going crazy and tell me. Is it wide leg? 

Im a little cray cray when it comes to prints. Can you imagine the world full of SOLIDS!  BORING-I would die, seriously I would. It would be, with out a doubt, a fashion CATASTROPHE!
Look how beautiful this plaid skirt is-No label.

BUT guess what, too small for me, and you know what that means-the skirt is FOR SALE. Contact me for information. Some lucky chic chick is going to be the talk of the town with this pretty plaid.

I'm in love with the hint of green and the pocket design.

Metal detail clasp. PERFECT!

Chanel says ALL white I say YES,YES, YES!

I found this gorgeous white sweater. I will be wearing ALL white somewheresoon...The crochet detail is also along the arms of the sweater. DOPE!

Have you gone hunting lately? What have you found, please do share.

Have a wonderful weekend
Always, SOULBeautiful xo*sxo


  1. Are you thinking of Palazzo pants...they are super wide legged pants. I still love the look...

  2. Yes, that's it Palazzo! Thank you Marsha

  3. the print is super gorgeous! love, love, love it :)))


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