March 09, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday

Happy Friday SOULMates

There is a certain type of person that finds it quite thrilling when they see garage sale or estate sale signs, or when they walk into a thrift store on 99cents day their heart rate increases to a thousand beats per minute just thinking about what they may find.

The thrill of the hunt is like no other feeling I have experienced before when it comes to shopping. Ever since I can remember I have always made my dollar stretch to the best of my fashionable ability. I was introduced to Goodwill by my grandmother who knows a lot about fashion. For my 14th birthday she bought my first pair of thigh high boots, God I love that woman. I've been thrift shopping for over half my life and when I moved to Seattle I was introduced to garage sales. I'll be first to admit its been a blessing and a curse.

Fridays will be dedicated to all my fabulous finds enjoy-

Oh, before I forget, this is LUCY my mannequin. I found her for 5 bucks at a garage sale. I named her Lucy because her bolts and screws were really loose, and she wobbled,. Personally I think it gives her character.
Lucy is my girl!  
 I'm not sure if I will ever wear this vintage lamb fur hat. I can pull a lot of things off but this one I am unsure of.  Its very comfy, and perfect for the right fashionista-I just may sell it. The picture on the right is from chictopia they are selling one similar for 48.00. CLICK if you are interested.
 I love this sweater by Sonia Rykiel its made out of 70% cashmere and it is as soft as it looks. The detail crystal  SR initial logo buttons are very cute. Her sweaters start at about 300.00 and go up from there. WOW. Great find! You see, this is why I can't stop!
Vintage 1970's long white pleated skirt. Made in California out of 100% qiana aka polyester. I cant wait to wear you girlfriend. I'm thinking emerald green, hot pink, or aqua. Really, there isn't a color I cant ROCK with this beautiful skirt. LOVE

I have so much more to share, but I don't want to make you jealous, J/K.

Always, SOULBeauitful xoshalikaxo


  1. WOW! definitely jealous! that is an incredible skirt! i am doing great! thank you for asking :)))

  2. hey Shalika, you don't even remember me i know. but i remember you, you wrote an amazing comment on a review/critique regarding my blog:
    and i never got the chance to thank you.
    i am still new to blogging and i am struggling not to make my blog have 10000 fans but to get it a bit more popular, i mean we all want new readers don't we? and your review of my blog was so heart-warming, so kind that makes me want to keep blogging and know that i am doing something right.
    as you checked out my blog i decided to do the same for you, as i can tell there are two authors you and Andie, which i find as a cool idea!!!
    since i live in Greece we don't have too many garage sales and vintage or thrift stores, the trend just started here and we are still lacking, our vintage stores are too expensive to buy something, yes expensive instead of affordable and cheap. its ridiculus.what can i say?
    i checked out your blog and i really like that there are 2 girls writing down their thoughts and showing us their styles,its different, its kind of unique. congrats. the design is also very minimalistic and easy to read.
    i decided to follow you in order to keep up with your new blog posts.
    i know that this may seem as a spam (i really don't want it to sound spammish though) and you are freaking tired of reading this comment but i would love it if you checked back my blog and in case you still found it readable, pushed that little gfc following button, it would help me out. by the way why only one bloglovin follower? girl check it out you now have 2, i am your second. people always forget bloglovin, and i am tired of saying it. i mean my followers/readers forget it too :(
    ok enough with me
    hope to talk to you and get to know you better

  3. Where can that white pleated skirt be baught? Is it for sale somewhere?


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