March 07, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-Built for Man

Built for Man 
designs women wish they could wear

Built for Man creative director  Francisco Hernandez, revealed their new line inspired by the wolf pack at our 2012-13 Fall/Winter Preview. The show was short and sweet leaving the audience wanting more. Francisco is bold and daring when it comes to mixing fabrics. Women were left drooling over his designs wishing they could add a few of his pieces to their wardrobe, including me. Sorry ladies Francisco only designs men's wear.  Us women can be so greedy when it comes to fashion.:) Francisco is definitely not afraid to be daring and challenges men to step outside box and  be unique instead of the average Joe when it comes to men's wear.  

Here are a few of my favorite pieces in the show. 

Photographer Christine Buffalow source 

Featured on runway. Source

Inside information- Built For Man introduces its first ever SAMPLE SALE… come join us this Sunday from 2:00 to 7:00 at Built For Man Showroom located, 509 13 Ave, Seattle WA 98122

And this is what I wore-

I pondered on what to wear, and finally decided to go with this vintage Cache' jumpsuit. When I asked my guy what he thought he replied, " Well, I'm not loving it. I guess I don't get it. I know one thing, if anyone could pull it off it would be you." Uhm, OK done deal.
Vintage Cache' shorts corduroy,studs and buckle oh yes!

The outfit was a hit, men and women were very receptive. A lot of people thought it was a jacket but were pleasantly surprised when I told them it was a one piece. Can you believe I almost returned this bad boy-I would have been fashion-sick.

Starting the night off right,cheers.

Have you ever noticed someone and say I want to know you , but for some reason you you never get the chance to say HELLO, but wish you had.  See the gal in the red pants, her name is Mollie. Well she stood out to me that night and come to find out shes a blogger like me. The difference is she is way more seasoned and professional when it comes to blogging than I. I can learn a lot from her, hopefully I will get another opportunity to say HELLO.

Check out her blog here.

Love to meet cha Mollie.
My fabulous friend Justin Leggett. He is a stylist at Nordstrom ladies if you want to look fabulous ck him out.

Nikes oh so chic!
Friends and my guy on the far right. I think this was his first Seattle Fashion show, more to come baby more to come,xx.
Yep, I attended a all mens fashon show,  and it was fabulous. 
Always, SOULBeautiful xoshalikaxo


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the link to my blog! We must meet next time we're at the same event! xoxo Mollie

    1. Yes, or we can meet for HH somewhere,sometime. Cheers. Always, SOULBeauitufl xx*s

  2. wow! i adore this jumpsuit and the color combination is a blast. i wish i can have them:)

    1. Thank you Queenie. I wish you could send me a few of those beautiful clutches you have on your blog. Thanks for stopping by Always,SOULBeautiful xx*s

  3. super cute jumpsuit!!! Thanks for visiting today. You should try the pair of nikes that I have bc I have flat feet too and they are perfect!!

    1. Thanks Jin-ok I will. What kind are they BTW?

  4. Wow. That is amazing!


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