March 13, 2012

SOULFUL SUNDAY-Life Only Gets Better with Age

Like Fine Wine

When I was in my twenties, I thought I knew it all. Now that I am much older I realize I didn't know shit. Like my momma use to say, "You think your shit don't stank?" LOL. Life lessons along the way have made me who I am today, and I am looking forward to becoming wiser as life provides me opportunities to learn, understand, reflect, love, hurt, fail, succeed, and just live-LIFE.

My Auntie Marsha posted the video below on my Facebook page. The women on the trailer are a part of a documentary about stylish New York ladies, soon to be released this summer. These ladies are real fashion divas. When it comes to self expression, being true to who you are and letting everyone know how fabulous you feel by the clothes you wear and the self confidence you exude, these ladies have mastered it.


For more information about these ladies and other seasoned fashionist-Check out Advanced Style.

Zelda Kaplan 95 year old woman featured in the trailer recently passed away while sitting in the front row during New York fashion week. Zelda left this world doing what she loved. She is a socialite icon who enjoyed art shows, New York night life, and of course fashion shows and lived with no regrets. She has been known to out party people half her age. New York magazine did an photo tribute called Remembering Zelda there is even a picture of her and Snoop Dog, how cool was she. Zelda now has the best seat in the house-heaven above. RIP Zelda. 
 Giving back is fashionable

Spring is almost here. What better time to do a little spring cleaning and reorganizing the closet. It is time for me to get rid of clothes I have not worn in awhile. I must say, I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to reorganizing my closet. I just hate cleaning, but I love rediscovering clothes I have not worn in awhile. Its like shopping but in my closet. I usually donate my clothes to an non-profit like, Dress for Success. "Dress for Success empowers disadvantaged women by providing them with professional clothing and tools necessary to jump start a career."-king5 news. There is no better fulfilling in life than the feeling you get when you are able to give back. Ladies, I encourage you find a local non-profit in your area that supports abused, or disadvantaged women and donate your gently worn clothing. 

Cheers to living everyday like its your last.

Dang my feet are big. LOL.
Man, I didn't realize how much I missed my vintage fur collar coat <3.

I found this beautiful dress while thrifting. The price was right and I had to have her. Its a vintage 1960's Mad Men super sexy dress. I wore it to a girlfriends themed Bday party last week. Funny thing, the birthday girl and I met at a Mad Men themed Bellevue Art Museum party, and we hit it off right away.

As you can see, I love to accessorize. I added the bright pink head piece, small pink earrings, lace gloves and snakeskin platform shoes-just for fun. The vintage brooch is covering the botched job I did trying to remove studs that were on the dress. Remind me to never do that again grrr. You can barely see from this picture, but after removing the studs glue residue was left behind. I have tried to gently remove the glue residue, but with no success. If you have any suggestions for me, I am all ears.

Remember everyday is a dress up day!!

P.S. i know its not Sunday

Always, SOULBeautiful xoshalikaxo


  1. Love your dress!! You look lovely :) and I have to agree.. It just keeps getting better every year if you had a birthday Happy birthday to ya :)


    1. I am a SAG, my Bday is in November. I was reflecting on how I felt last year on my Bday and it wasn't a very good feeling.In fact I didn't want to celebrate it. After watching this video I was inspired not only by the video but also by all the powerful phenomenal women I come in contact with daily-like you sis.
      I know I am blessed, no more sad B-days for me girl. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Coming over to say whats up soon. Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  2. You know I love wine--and I love your style girl! Thanks for making me feel young at heart-- loved the vid-- you will be that sassy at 90!

  3. That dress is amazing! Love the colour, love the shape. *Pure sophistication!* Your rocking it girl *followed*

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.


  4. Interesting, lovely style! I love the entire ensemble.

    Found you on blog hop.



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