February 14, 2012

Make it your own Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day!

Being relatively young, valentines day has always been a pretty uneventful day in my past experiences. This year will be no different sadly. Most of my single friends and me on occasion have talked the past few weeks about how this v-day is going to be a bitter day filled with sad romantic films and lots of ice cream because we're all waiting for our prince charming to come rescue us from our loneliness. I've come to realize though, that valentines day is what YOU make of it. And this v-day I'm going to make it a day of love, but love to my amazing friends, my lovely family, my pets, and other great people in my life.
the friends that I love
the family that I love

I hope everyone enjoys their V-day regardless of who you spend it with and what they mean to you :)

I also hope that everyone listens to the ultimate crooner this valentines day, Michael Bublé! Click here to listen :)

xx Andie

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