December 12, 2011

Make It Your Own Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!
Hopefully I can power through this week, and then I'll be on winter break for 2 glorious snowy weeks. Don't worry though, I'm not going to stop posting though :)

In Seattle, I normally don't wear hats too often for the purpose of keeping cold, if I do sport one it's usually for fashion reasons. But, during the 2 weeks of break in the winter my family and I go to Chicago where it does stay true to its nick name "the windy city".  Hats are a must there to avoid turning into ice. 

Berets and beanies, cloches and caps, trilbies and trappers - hats in every size, shape and style are the ultimate trend this season. Hats offer the perfect way to dip your toe into a trend without wearing it head to toe - for example, a wide-brimmed fedora will always add a touch of  glamour to your look 

Gucci's use of fedoras on the runway
Another cute alternative to a classic winter hat this style of hat...

I will say that this isn't completely a fair representation of the style because it's taken in Australia where it's sunny and summery, but this would be a lovely hat to wear in the winter and it adds a touch of quirkiness.

So whether you feel like rocking a fedora or adding some laid back style to an outfit with a floppy hat, there are tons of different styles of hats to wear that will totally work for you!

the band you need to check out this week is Mumford & Sons. They are a folk and almost blue-grassy type band from the UK, but they've really developed a world wide fan base. Their last album Sigh No More came out a little bit ago, but it is said their new album is coming out soon. Click here to hear some Mumford & Sons!

have a great Monday!!
xo Andie

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