November 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Today was the first day of the cold weather season that I had to break out my winter jacket. Don't know how I feel about this, but it is rearing the end of November, and it's a cute jacket so I won't complain too much ;)

So I must have had a telepathic connection with Shalika, because I also followed one of the layering rules and wore longer boot socks under my boots and had then so they were exposed over the boot. I am also wearing a pair of what I like to think are "original" jeggings. I say this because I bought them before jeggings were how they are today, and these are literally just leggings that look like jeans, and not super stretchy jeans. Then, I wore a tank top that somewhat cropped, but then long in the back. I really have no idea what to call the other top I am wearing! I bought it with the buttons buttoned and wore it like that for a while, then a few weeks ago finally realized that they unbuttoned, what a concept! So in light of my MAJOR blonde moment I've been wearing it in more of a cardigan style recently. I really love it because it's a nice length to wear with leggings but it's still floaty and light.

Cardigan thing - Target
Tank Top - Target
Jeggings - Old Navy
Socks - Target
Boots - Ross

The artist of today's post is The Maccabees! They are a group from the UK and play mostly alternative/indie. They have a variety of fast paced and slower moving songs that are all incredibly catchy. They just played their single Pelican from their new CD Given To The Wild yesterday and it is awesome! To hear some of their songs, click here!

Have a lovely rest of your day,
Andie xo

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