November 20, 2011

SOULFUL SUNDAY-Sing your heart out!

GOAPELE you are SOUL Beautiful

My guy was out of town so he decided to treat me and my friend  to the Goapele show at Jazz Alley. Who is currently on tour to promote her new album "Break of Dawn."  A must have for sure, Goapele has you thinking about LOVE-the good and the bad. This sista can SANG for real, for real. During her show she had us up on our feet, dancing to her sweet melodies. Those who were lucky enough to be coupled up, I am sure they fell deeper in LOVE that night. Words can not express how AMAZING the show was. Goapele's voice is pure, she is sweet as pie, and you can feel how much she loves music. She even stayed after for a meet and greet, not too many artist do this now-a-days. Oh! and the BAND had me.....never mind they were so goooood!

I seriously can not get enough of her CD, from beginning to end it gives me everything I need right now. If I had to choose a favorite song oh boy this is SO hard, so I wont! LOL. Thank you God for Goapele she is truly a blessing.
Natural Beauty-Kind Spirit-Soulful Energy-GOAPELE
Let people SING as their heart desires.
People sing when the are happy.
People sing when they are sad.
So when you hear someone SING out of key, or mess  up on the lyrics, don't take their JOY away, just let them SING!

HA! yes let me SANG...

Have a SOUL-ful Sunday my people-and get Goapele's CD!


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