November 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday-Love to Layer

Layering is an art form, its a developed skill, its fun and your options are endless. Layering allows you to express your self and most importantly stay warm.

Layer: Boots - wear extra long colorful or neutral color socks or leg warmers, longer than your boots and let them show, for short sleeve dress - wear a long sleeve shirt under it or over your dress, intertwine two different color scarves keep your neck warm and cozy. This is right for so many reasons. Layering vintage and trendy-Genius.

In the picture below I am wearing a button up safari brown dress over a heather grey, spaghetti strap jersey dress. I believe everything looks better with a belt and it's definitely a fact with this outfit. A splash of color makes my outfit stand out, and not to mention my  prize possession "clown shoes." I attended a party with this outfit and two ladies could not get enough of what I was wearing, they were so sweet with their compliments. One asked if my shoes I wore were Prada, LOL. Uh, no. Ladies, I can not say this enough- its not about how much you pay for your fashion, its how you ROCK it. Trust me, people think I spend waaaay more money on my clothes than I actually do.

Safari Button up Dress-Ross
Grey Jersey Dress-Rampage, I think
Suede and Leather chunky pumps-Nine West
Vintage suede belt-Thrifted Gwill
Pearl and cold multi bangles- SOUL
Vintage Necklace-Thrifted
Earrings-Gift from sis in law

Here is a great website for Layering tips. 

 Happy Layering

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