November 21, 2011

Make It Your Own Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday, and is, just like me, counting down the days to Thanksgiving!!
Thursday can't come soon enough, or the best part following Thanksgiving, BLACK FRIDAY! I've been known to get my shop on hardcore on this glorious day. More to come about Black Friday though...

A piece that has recently hit the scene in a big way this autumn are combat boots. I am myself a huge combat boot wearer and I really think they are quite versatile. In case you're unsure of how they look, here's a picture for reference:

I think this type of boot can be worn with so many outfits because if for example

  • You're wearing an outfit you'd think is casual and really has no standout piece, when you add these boots, your outfit gets a little oomph!
  • Another way to rock these is if you're already trying to convey a grunge, or "indie" styled outfit, these are the icing on the cake, they instantly make your outfit, that much cooler.
  • An unexpected way to wear these, is with a light, feminine outfit. Pair these with your girliest outfit to avoid looking too over the top, or doll-like, unless that's what you're aiming for, which is totally okay as well.
When I see combat boots, I see a world of endless interpretations of how you could wear them, so I leave you with some ideas, but really you could wear these however you feel is the best for you! Good Luck!!

My artist of today's post is, Lana Del Rey. She sings like an angel and her voice really transcends you to your happy place instantly. With only 2 songs out, Lana has gained huge success in the UK, and soon to come fame here! To check out her single, click

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