November 28, 2011

Make It Your Own Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving and got to spend some time with loved ones. Onto today's topic...
Admit it, we all have too much stuff. But that doesn't mean we can't have a bag to fit all of our stuff and look cute simultaneously!

Deux Lux Fortune Cookie Bag
With this bag being a neutral color, you have literally a world of options of how to carry it.
For a casual, but still structured outfit to wear it with, I'd suggest something like this...

To see the full details for this outfit, click here

As you can see the colors of the outfit, match the neutral, earthy tones of the bag so  they are the perfect combination.

For another more professional outfit choice for this bag see this...

To see the full details of this outfit, click here

So you can see, this bag can go with you from lunch with a friend, to the office with no sweat!
Now it's your turn to see what way you can carry this bag to make it 100% you.

The lovely bag used in today's post is from Soul Boutique.

Today's artist of the post is, Little Boots! With a quirky name, she really owns up to it with quirky songs, and just pure feel good dance and pop songs. Definitely someone to listen to when you're about to go dance the night away. Click here to hear some more from Little Boots.

xo Andie

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