November 07, 2011

Make it your own Monday

Multiple chains necklace one of THE most sexiest pieces ever sold at SOUL oh so chique boutique, definitely a one-of-a-kind piece. Make it your own: wear it with jeans, on a cruise-wear it over your bathing suit, how about a simple little black dress (LBD). Your options are endless, be creative, be you, be SOUL beautiful.
Body Body Necklace $40.00 email if you are interested in purchasing the BODY BODY necklace and earring set.
Look at the way she ROCKED her SOUL beautiful. I especially like how she creatively toned down such a sexy piece by simply adding a blazer. Can you imagine how sexy this outfit will be once the jacket is off-from day to night, you are a different kind of sexy-night life!
Who is this fabulous chick?
Her name is Jennifer and she knows how to ROCK her SOUL beautiful.

What are you wearing in the picture from head to toe
Black suit jacket from INC, Black tank top from target, red pencil skirt BEBE, cheetah shoes from Jessica Simpson, necklace from SOUL
How would you describe your style
Stylish but affordable, eclectic and versatile
Who are favorite designer
I am my favorite designer ;-)
Where do you like to shop
The SALE rack!
What do you do for fun
Spending time with my husband as we are newly weds and traveling the world!
Fashion motto you live by
Everything goes on sale, just wait. If it's not there on sale when you return then, you will find something better!
When you travel other parts of the world you can create your own fashion! Why read about it when you can experience it!
Is there anything you want me to add maybe a quote-something cute, funny or interesting about you?
As or fashion, you make it work. Mix and match you are your own Architect...create your style!

Thank you Jennifer! I love your attitude about fashion. Your style is refreshing, unique and most important affordable. Thank you for allowing me to show the world your SOUL beautiful.

Peace, Love, & SOULful Accessories 

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