October 16, 2011

SOULful Sunday

Happy SOULful Sunday my people! 
This week has been challenging to say the least. Have you ever felt like you have accomplished nothing, but in fact you have been going non-stop, grrrrr...Working full time and giving what ever free time I have towards the success of SOUL oh so chique boutique. Can you say TIRED! I don't feel like doing ANYTHING on the weekend and yet there is so much that needs to be done.That is why I love Sundays, I give myself a gift, a day off-guilt free. I use Sundays to relax, catch up on a few blogs, down load pictures, watch a little TV and take a nap just like I use to do in preschool. Ahhhh LIFE!

I am truly blessed. I feel like this is where I am suppose to be at this moment. Everything that is happening in my life, has happened with purpose. Yesterday my partner asked me if I discovered the fountain of youth what age would I want to be "forever young", I said the age I am now, 3*ish. But now that I've had a moment to digest the question, I am happy with learning and living life just the way God has intended*BLESSED* Enjoy your SOULful Sunday

peace,love&SOUL-ful Accessories


  1. I hear on you on juggling it all! great blog. Thanks for visiting mine :)


  2. I love the quote on your blog! Am I the second follower?
    Sweet! Im feeling this blog already..
    I feel you on everything happening 4 a purpose.. :)
    Great post chica



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