October 17, 2011

Make it your own Monday

I love nothing more than a simple scarf. There is seriously so many amazing things you can do with it. You can hang it loosely around your neck, or tighter to keep you warm, you can even wear one as a belt, which I would advise not to unless you have a skinny scarf (I did this with a thicker one, and ended up looking very pirate-esque, so no good). Some ladies can even work it using a scarf as a head piece! One thing I will never do with a scarf is buy it for full price, places like Platos Closet, and other second hand clothing stores have great scarfs starting at around 3 dollars, so why buy one for close to 5 times that? Similar to your overall style, the way you wear a scarf can really go any kind of way, and you can use it to express yourself. I found this awesome video that shows 7 somewhat unconventional ways to rock your scarf.

So there it is! You can take some tips from this video and make your scarf style special for you.

Have a great rest of your Monday

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