February 27, 2012

Vacation Recap - Stories and Pictures!

This past week I've been absent of blogging and immersing myself in travels to London and Marrakech, Morocco.

 In both places but especially Morocco my eyes were opened to just how amazing the world is and how things are so beautifully different all over Earth. Due to flight cancelations and the low availability of flights to Marrakech, I was only about to spend 3 days there but it was well spent. There were so many new colors, sights, and smells of Morocco that I'm glad I've experienced while there.
the walls of the city

the Medina

beautiful colors in the gardens

at Ben Youssef Madrasa - an old university

In London, my favorite city ever, I was able to go to the British Museum and take a tour of The BBC Television Centre Studios where BBC World News is filmed and other really cool programs. Sadly the last day of touring I fell really ill and had to stay in my hotel room all day with just the television and a British Vogue I picked up at the airport.

an awesome sculpture at the British Musem

Hampton Court Palace - a palace frequented by The Tudors

my sister and I with our new medieval friend ;)
 I'm so so so grateful for all of my experiences and I really don't take them for granted. I truly love the world and all of it's wonders!!

xx Andie

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