February 26, 2012


Oscar Viewing Party

Its dress up time in Seattle! My girls and I had this day all planned out: dress up, red carpet, good company and tasty champagne.  Unfortunately, I woke up with the worse cramps ever. I love being a woman really I do, but I can do without Ms. Rose visiting me every month. 

Now I'm stuck at home watching the Oscars on TV. :(  It's ok, I am going to make the best out of a worse situation.

Happy Thoughts!
5 things that will help me make it through today...


My oh so adorable Mulan Peek A Boo I love you!

This is Kizmuh my overweight cuddly not so kitty kat
My Love my Best Friend

God's most gracious gift-My Son Ta'Jon

Oscar red carpet affair HD
The Fug Girls
All things Chanel
Karl Largerfeld Chanel 2011-2012

Happy smell

I love accessories especially from Chanel
Pink Pink Pink
All pictures pulled from Chanel FB account.

Delicious Tea

Natural remedies to cure my headache and cramps.
I love this tea. You should give it a try, I tried it for the first time a few days ago absolutely delicious. 

Burdock Tea Recipe
Warm and Cozy Bed
I need this bed in my life today-Luxissues

I am feeling better already.

Always, SOULBeautiful xoshalikaox

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  1. I need that bed too!!! Sorry about the crapms!! We all understand!

    E. Louise


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