January 15, 2012

SOULFUL SUNDAY-Fashion Regrets

I really need to get this off my mind and hopefully move on and never look back.

Back in November my love bug purchased tickets for me to see Goapele. She wore a absolutely gorgeous vintage cardigan. I was on a vintage mission. I had to find it.  It had to be mine. Well guess what, two weeks ago I found the EXACT one to the T. The price was a little high, my mind was foggy, and I was feeling guilty from over spending during the holidays. I didn't get it, I talked myself out of it. I came home and told my guy about my find and he said, "if you liked it that much you should have bought it." He was right, what was I thinking. Frantic, I called the consignment shop and lucky me (so I thought) it was still there. The lady remembered me and agreed to hold it for me. I couldn't wait to pick her up so she could be mine forever.When I arrived at the consignment shop, I was told the lady who consigned the cardigan decided not to sell it. WTF! and she was coming to pick it up before the end of the day.
"If you see something you LOVE, buy it! You will recoup the cost every time your heart skips a beat...." -Mr Goodwill Hunting 

Needless to say this is probably one of my biggest FASHION REGRETS ever! I think about it constantly, I haven't been able to sleep for the past several days. I've been fashion sick. I am done, I can't keep dwelling on it forever. After this blog entry I have decided to get over it, move on and LET IT GO! 

*My Regret* I hope to get a 2nd chance. If its meant to be it will be. 

Always, SOULBeautiful xoshalikaxo


  1. i hate when that happens! ebay sometimes has similar pieces. thank you for following me! i am now following back :)))

    1. Welcome Sis! RealTalk, if you see this piece please let me know. Thank you-Always,SOULBeautiful


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