January 23, 2012

Make It Your Own Monday

Happy Monday everyone!
Glad to see some of the snow melted away, and people are free to live their lives normally again! The snow was a great aid to my procrastination of studying for my final exams for the semester and even pushed them back a whole week!
on to the real stuff...
A trend that I've been seeing around and after some time have figured out how to pull off is cut outs. By cut outs I mean everything from whole side-rib cut outs on a dress, to mesh, to basically anything perforated.

Here are some ways that I've worn the "cut out" trend:
On the left, I wore a suede shirt that had cut outs in a flower-like pattern. I wore a black tank top underneath.

On the right, I am with my dear friend Katie at her graduation party in the summer. I wore a black lace shirt that has different panels on it, alternating between solid black, and lace. To stay classy, I'd recommend wearing a neutral colored camisole underneath.

Although all of the examples I have are of shirts, this trend is in no way limited to just tops!
Here are some other ideas

On the left is a bright, and fun tangerine colored mini dress that has a flowery lace cut out. Add some understated wedges and you're good to go! On the right is a silk wool blend sweater dress that can be dressed up or down for winter. Some tights and riding boots would totally complete this look, or even some clogs could help transition this look into spring. 

The artist you should listen to today is Sigur Ros. Although it's quite different and odd to some people, Sigur Ros produces feel good, happy place music. Definitely something you listen to when you're feeling a bit down. The reason Sigur Ros is so unique is because he has essentially created his own gibberish like language he's coined as Vonlenska. Click here to check out Sigur Ros.

xx Andie

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