January 07, 2012

Looks for Less

Happy Saturday!
On the endless list of reasons why I absolutely adore the UK, is the amazing street style that some of the women posses. A perfect example is the lovely Pippa Middleton out on the streets of London on Thursday.
classy, stylish and functional!

Although Pippa has been known for her relatively thrifty ways, I'm going to try to demonstrate how you can bring this look into your closet without having to be related to royalty.

So there you have it! 4 affordable, stylish pieces to help you attain that effortless weekend street style!

Shoes     Hat       Jeans        Pea Coat

The artist I recommend you listen to this post is the band The xx are a British indie alt./pop act that have a very distinct sound and are very unique in that they produced their critically acclaimed debut album XX entirely themselves, and often at night they recorded which is responsible for the low, whispery nature of the album. Check out The xx here

xo Andie

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