November 02, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Our Seattle weather has been interesting for the past few weeks:cold, rainy, warm, foggy. Mother nature can not seem to make up her mind. Today it is FREEZING (keep in mind I'm a Cali girl) some say I'm a little sensitive when it comes to Seattle weather, WHATEVA. The sun is shining bright so it isn't all that bad-I guess. I am all smiles when I see sunshine. 
 Prints are back in fashion! I'm kinda digging it this go around...
The rayon jumper/coolots I wore today has Native American/tribal like pattern-Love it. I added a light tan cardigan not only for warmth but also to break up the pattern. I like wearing and seeing patterns BUT I also think too much pattern is a fashion NO NO! Not to mention it hurts your eyes.
I am a little tall so this jumper comes a bit short on me however, the jumper has wide legged pants therefore it goes unnoticed, besides I like it best this way, especially with the angle boots. 

I have NO idea what I am looking at. Vintage Dooney and Bourke handbag 80's.

What a difference a belt makes-with out it this jumper looks frumpy on me.
Accessories, can't live with out them. 3=GOOD LUCK who doesn't need that. :)

I love my life...

Earrings:Betsy Johnson
Necklace-Estate sale
Gold big face watch-Target
Vintage Dooney and Bourke-Thrifted
Shoes-Steve Madden

Stay warm, bundle up, and most importantly stay fashionable.

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