October 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

"I can make it work" is what I tell myself when I find a GOOD deal. The patterned maternity dress is flirty, fun and comfortable. Pass up a good deal...me, uh-NEVER, which is why my closet has NO room and my guys clothes are in bins-I love him for understanding my obsession with fashion and still loving me the way that he does. To be honest, I couldn't live with myself-3 hearts for you LOVE.
Color blocking with patterns, sure why not.
Can you see my shoes? Super comfy and cute. I love how the laser cut patterns on these shoes show off  what ever color socks/tights you are wearing. The next time I wear these shoes it will be with a pair of jeans and colored socks :).
I'm obsessed with scarfs and belts, seriously I have tons of both.

Tell me, does this look like a maternity dress? UH HELL NO!

                  I dislike this picture but I wanted to give you a close up of my earrings and necklace


Dress and Scarf-Target
Belt-Jcrew Garage sale
Colored Tights-Nordstrom
Necklace-Yellow Amber
Earring dots-SOUL Accessories I sell all colors 2 for 4.00 Free Shipping

Choose to be HAPPY!


  1. Cute outfit! Your hair is adorable!

  2. WOW people are actually reading my blog so awesome! Thank you for stopping by and saying hellos Myisha.


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