October 24, 2011

Make It Your Own Monday

Some of the fall trends have been a bit overwhelming for me, I'm not going to lie, I sometimes have a hard time picturing myself walking down the street in a leather skirt or bright pink trousers, but that's what make it your own Monday is all about; refining a trend so it's perfect for YOU. A great example of this is thanks to H&M. They've recently put out a light weight tuxedo jacket/blazer or a boyfriend blazer as they call it. I've been wanting to pull off a tuxedo jacket for a few seasons but I just couldn't find the right one for me, whether it was the fit, length, style, and the list goes on. So finding this was truly sent from the fashion gods. I like to think of it as like a diet tuxedo jacket; you still get the taste of the trend, without some of the heavier qualities. So here's a few pictures...

as you can see it definitely has more flow than a regular blazer, but still has a put together feel. I think this works great to add a masculine feel to ultra girly outfits. Unfortunately I don't have a picture, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I have a link to the dress I paired with this boyfriend blazer, so just click here to see it! (btw I have the dress in yellow). So there you have it, another trend conquered!
xo Andie

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