May 02, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday- Shes just a Small Town Girl

Hello Beautiful SOULmates

As you read in my previous post I went on a staycation to WALLA WALLA aka WINE WINE and more WINE.

I need one of these in my home. Well, at least in the backyard somewhere.
That is Maximus isn't he handsome!
I'm not much of a road trip gal, but this trip was only a 4 hour ride which isn't too bad considering I've taken a road trip to California and it takes quadruple the amount of time. I was invited by my girlfriend Chelsea Mae who is from the small town Walla Walla and I recruited my guy Chinh to be the designated driver since we had plans to stop at as many wineries as we could along the way.

Here is my friend Chelsea Mae who always seems to be fashionable in a some what effortless way. Lets see What she Wore Wednesday- I know its just a black tee with bright pink skinny jeans but wait until you see....

BTW...Chelsea Mae is now a guest blogger for a lil piece of my SOUL, be on the look out for her post in the near future.
her                                                                BADA** shoes 

While in Walla Walla I had the opportunity to meet up with my high school buddy Jessica Valentine. Jessica so sweet. (which is why I feel awful about taking her New Edition poster back in the day. She is always smiling and laughing, the kind of gal that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Her energy is contagious. Although Jessica knew we were coming she had no idea what time we planned to arrive, I wanted to surprise her. While she was busy taking care of customers, I was able to sneak in without her noticing me. But when she noticed Chinh she began to laugh hysterically with joy (Chinh also went to HS with us) after a short while Jessica finally saw me standing there. We hugged each other as tight as we could and both our eyes began to water from emotions of familiarity, and joy we felt reconnecting after 15 years.

You look exactly the same Jessica, but your SOUL is more vibrant and beautiful then ever.
Jessica, her husband, and dogs as she put it "tapped out" to escape the hustle and bustle of the bay area and high price living. They new they wanted to live in a small town. As she puts it Walla Walla found them. They purchased a beautiful home in the historic side of town. Opened a cutesy second hand shop called Door Number Two and has never looked back. The people of W2 has welcomed them with open arms. She looks happy and I am happy for her.
If you ever find yourself in Walla Wall be sure to stop by to see my girl Jessica at Door Number Two

Day one-After early morning garage sailing (Yes, I do it on vacation. I thought I told you I had an addiction!) with Chelsea Mae and Jessica V. Chinh and I meet up with Chelsea Mae and her mom at Olive Cafe. The food was beyond incredible. Chinh and I ordered the special, local and fresh asparagus and feta cheese flat bread pizza. Amazing, affordable food, what more could a hungry girl ask for?
So fresh so clean I could eat this once a day and be happy!
My mouth is watering as my mind wanders and takes me back to my first bite. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a fan of asparagus but after this experience I am undoubtedly a lover.  

Because I was on vacation I wanted to be open when it came to trying new things, this included food. When I say I went for it, I really went for it. The lentil soup was amazing every bite was a full of flavor and just plain fresh. Cafe Olive uses local grown fresh ingredients.Trust me, I noticed the difference in flavor. It wasn't the least bit stale.
Me, Chelsae Mae and her beautiful Mom. Her family is sweet as pie, I guess that's what small towns do to you. Her mom invited us to stay at her home even with out Chelsea-so cool!

When the time comes Ms.Chelsea Mae plans to move back home to raise her family and open up her own thrift/ furniture restoration shop/ beauty salon with her mom who is a local hair stylist. WONDERFUL! Good Luck Chelsea! "Dont Stop Believin'...."
We walked the town after a light lunch. I was in thrift store, consignment heaven. I snap a few shots of my most favorite thrift shop called DeBouche....
 A chair for the Queen...Vintage of course.

 I need that phone in a bright yellow, I'm on the hunt! HAHAHAH Mulan's eyes are hella buggy!

This sign says it all.
 Whitman College  Renaissance Fair
Whitman college was founded in 1859 its a private liberal arts school.

A kiss from Mulan's new buddy Ziggy...I know she looks the least bit impressed.

Oh no you didn't, oh yes I did. A doggie Bjorn for Princess Mulan. Hey momma needs her hands free so she can drink her VINO!
 And we did exactly what we were told to do!@ Charles Smith Winery AKA Bad Boy of Wines. The inside is very modern in a industrial kind of way. I love his style.
Charles Smith wine labels are killer. If I had never tasted any of his wines and I was out looking to try something different, I would purchase based on the design of his wine labels alone. WOW the influence of good marketing!

I purchased The Velvet Devil Merlot light but rich with flavor.

Dinner was memorable, wine, food and good conversation.

Since Chinh pretty much lets me have my way 99% of the time. I wanted him to pick the restaurant. He wanted BBQ, but unfortunately they were closed (its a small town thing) so we ended up at Brasserie Four a cozy French bistro serving classic French country-style dishes, local and imported wines and beer and Stumptown coffee.

 Lets go grab a bottle of Rose for dinner.

I have never experienced buying wine off the shelf at the restaurant. 
I look like a turtle but I wanted a picture of the wall of wines. Sometimes in life you need to make sacrifices or what I call taking one for the team. :). Quick story-this picture was taken by our neighborhood friend Valerie. We unexpectedly bumped into her while her and her girlfriends were there celebrating a friend's 40th birthday. Who looked amazing at 40.
Chinh and Jessica look like they should be a couple HAHAHA! Step off my man girl LMAO!

 A little snack to start with.

The steak was tender every bite was effortless, the meat just melted in my mouth and whats not to love about fries.

Night out in WALL WALLA Starting with this. NO, its not water.  

Like Walla Walla Rock Stars we kept the party rocking until the wee hours of the night.  Lovely ladies of the evening. Chelsea Mae, her sister in law, me and Jessica V. 

Time to say goodbye the right way, with Mimosa's and hearty breakfast before we hit the road jack and we will be back!

Our table wasn't ready so we we decided to enjoy a Mimosa at her friends restaurant bar Marcy's. Seriously, can this be my life everyday? I would be willing to settle for every other day.
 Chelsea Mae text me and said we must try this place before we leave. I would be stupid not to listen to a local!
You guessed it, we started it off with another round of Mimosas. I had the fresh squeezed orange juice and Jessica had the fresh squeezed grapefruit Mimosa
 Melt in your mouth buttermilk pancakes.
 Their syrup is made from scratch. Orange zest, fresh strawberry, blue berry, and of course maple.
 As our waiter approached us with our food in hand. People stopped and stared at our waiter carried our food to our table. Yes, our apple cinnamon baked pancake was a show stopper without a doubt. You could here people saying, "OMG what is that, it looks so good. We should have ordered that!" Trust me I had to prepare myself for the food coma that would soon take over me.

Extra Fluffed eggs with mushroom gravy.
Maple Counter Cafe was absolutely what a I needed after a night out. Gourmet comfort food is what I call it. They use recipes passed down from 3 generations ago. One word YUMMY! Our waiter was 5 star, he was a old college buddy of the restaurant owner/head chef of the restaurant. We were able to get a little history about how they got started.The lady of the house stopped by and chatted with us for a bit. The owners are a young couple who at one time lived in a big city and decided to relocate to a small town to live a "simple life." 

There is something very special about small towns where everyone knows each other in a more intimate way. I call it having that "Norm Feeling" (the cheers sitcom) I definitely miss out on this living in a big cities. It isn't often you see the owners/chef of the restaurant busting their butts to prepare the meal you are about to enjoy. It was nice, very nice.

As much as I enjoyed my time in W2, its a town I could visit often but, not a town I would want to live in. There is something beautiful about seeing people from all ethnicity. To me its like a one of a kind Picasso painting, but in real life-priceless. Although the town of Walla Walla isn't as diverse as I'd like, there is one thing for sure its a beautiful town and they really support local business. I wish Seattle and surrounding areas supported their local business just as much. We can survive without your support people so please get out their and SHOP SMALL BUSINESSES! 

It was the perfect weekend: beautiful weather, the architect of the historical homes were to die for. Why don't they make homes like that anymore. The homes I see today are hella boring when you compare them to the homes built many years ago. You already know how I feel about the food and the people of Walla Walla. 

Wait just one more taste of good ol Washington wine (@ GlenCorrie Winery).  One for the road.

A few photo opps...

a sculpture by an art professor at Whitman College

Rusty Gold!

Bucking horse wire sculpture by a Whitman Art Professor
A very special I LOVE YOU! To my guy Chinh.Thank you for loving me the way you do and driving so I can get drunk like a skunk! HAHAHHA J/K I was only a little hicccuppp tipsy.

Walla Walla I'll be back again sometime ya hear!

Until then go support a local business owner near you.
Always, SOULBeautiful xo*s

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