May 09, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-I could not resist!


 From twirling in my beautiful vintage pastel plaid dress, YES!

Hello Beautiful SOULmates,

What a gorgeous day it was on Monday. The sun was out, and people were looking and feeling GOOD. I made plans to meet my friends for a light lunch. I looked in my closet with no hesitation I reached for this pretty plaid pastel dress. It was the perfect dress to wear on a beautiful sunny day.

There is no need for me to tell you why my head is cut off, right? (Bad picture)

A little bit about the fit. 

Watch-Michal Kors(this will have to do until I get my Michelle Watch)
Accessories-bangles, ring, earrings-Ive had forever.
Shoes-My FAVORITE Betsy Johnson P.S.I am so sad to hear the news of her company filing bankruptcy.  We wish you well BJ its only a bump in the road. Regroup, Refocus and do a cart well. We will always LOVE YOU!

This dress was featured in Friday Fabulous Finds. Check out the post here. 

Ha, it looks like I have one leg.
Betsy Johnson shoes. <3
 Betsy Johnson shoes

SOULmates, have you ever put on an outfit, and suddenly you "become it." What I mean is it changes your mood. Here is a perfect example, I could not help but think about the woman that once owned this dress, where she lived, where she may have worn it, how she accessorized it, did she find her true love while wearing it. I know I am a hopeless romantic *sigh.*


Ok so here is the story. Her name was Olivia, and she was named after her grandmother whom she spent a lot of time with learning how to be a lady. She adored and  loved her grandmother dearly and in turn loved her name. On a Sunday walk with her grandmother she noticed a beautiful plaid pastel pink dress in a high end boutique window. Olivia knew she could never afford such a dress.Her grandmother took noticed as  they walked by and Olivia smiled and glanced at the dress in the window. For Olivia's birthday her grandmother purchased the dress with the money she kept hidden in the bottom of her shoe for a rainy day. When she gave Olivia the dress she said, "Wear this dress on a day you don't feel so pretty, put it on, twirl three times, and like magic you will feel like a princess." One beautiful sunny day Olivia wasn't feeling so pretty. She rushed to her closet pulled out the dress her grandmother bought for her. When she put it on it fit perfectly in every way. She twirled three times, and like magic she felt like a princess just as her grandmother told her she would.

It was a beautiful day in London. The first site of spring, so Olivia decided to take the day off. She walked to her favorite neighborhood cafe for tea and pastries. As she sipped on her tea and nibbled on her pastry, she began to read and loose herself just enough to still notice people noticing her. Her legs crossed ever so delicately remember to always look like a lady. The way the sun made her chocolate skin glow, you would think it came out just for Olivia.  She enjoyed people watching without being notice. From time to time gentlemen would smile and tip their hat to her and women would whisper, "What  a pretty dress." Her only acknowledgment of their awareness was a simple smile that would show off her eyes and cute dimple just enough to say, "Hello or Thank You."

Smile and genuinely ask how someone is doing today.

Always, SOULBeautiful  xo*s


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