April 20, 2012

Friday Fabulous Finds-Tips included

Hello Beautiful SOULmates

Yes, its FRIDAY. Even though it is raining I am still happy because I was blessed with another shot at life and the opportunity to say I LOVE YOU to my family and friends. A friend of mine suddenly loss a close friend he went to high school with. Its moments like this I realize I need get my priorities in order. God,Family, Friends,Work.

Are you ready to see all my Fabulous Friday Finds?

Pretty Pearl Purse

I don't know much about her because I forgot to read the label before I packed her away. I found Pretty Pearl several months ago. I was looking for pictures to post, and her beauty stood out to me, isn't she stunning, she screams SPRING. 

Who doesn't love a bag of PRETTY PEARLS

Perfectly Tailored

It doesn't fit me-YUP its for sell. I know a great blazer when I see one. This is by Banana Republic the label is different than what I normally see for BR. It says made in Italy, maybe I never noticed that BR clothing was made in Italy. SOULmates if you can shed a little light and educate me on this brand I would be grateful.

I love the cut of this blazer. If you don't have a waist this BR blazer gives you the illusion of one. 

Pink Birds and TORY B

The perfect summer sandals with the perfect summer dress.


These are a weee bit small for me they are a narrow 9.5. If they will fit you they are for SELL. Leave me a message if you are interested.

I cleaned them with a sanitized cloth. The left shoe still has residue from the Nordstrom sticker.

Pretty Brown Eyes

She was adopted and I love her. Her fingers are broken, her leg is cracked, her hair is messy, missing a yellow bow, and she lost her shoe. All of these things make her PERFECT because it gives her character, would you agree?

Vintage 70's Brass Bangle Beauty

This is going in my boutique and I am sure it will be sold sooner than later. BANGLE IT OUT with  stacks of colorful bangles.

Spreading some Thrift shopping Tips. It's all out of Spreading LOVE-
As a young girl I watched my Mom budget her life with skill and looked fabulous doing it. Here is a valuable tip my mother shared with me.  When shopping don't p purchase something because you think its a bargain. It may very well end up sitting in your closet and never worn. Seriously, how much are you really saving if you never use or wear what you purchased because your only reason for purchasing is because it was a bargain. 

SOULmates you know your friend you've been meaning to call but never got around to it, CALL HER today and see how s/he is doing. I am sure s/he would love to hear from you. 

Always, SOULBeautiful xo*s 


  1. Love that pearl handbag! So adorable.
    Your blog is amazing!! I'm really looking forward to your next post.
    If you have the time, I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow :)

    Taylor {CoverGirl and Converse}

  2. My sister from another mister, I've tagged you :P LOVE YOU!!!!


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