April 28, 2012

Friday Fabulous Finds-Going Tribal

No not Africa
 Hello Beautiful SOULmates.

I am really digging the tribal prints.
The cut
The colors and the print-stunning. I wore this with a plain white tee, a pair of dark denim and of course high heels. Simple yet beautiful!

This is how I ROCKED my vintage tribal printed jacket!

I was a vendor at the SPRING shopping event held at the Snoqualmie Ridge golf course. Although the traffic was slow (due to the beautiful sun outside) the few people I connected with really loved my accessories and price points.The young lady in the picture was very aware of her sense of style. She was interested in a few of my pieces and eventually decided on a beautiful bird ring by Cara. 

Email me if you see anything you like thesoulboutique@hotmail.com

I wish I could wake up to this veiw everyday of my life.

This is how they ROCKED it!

These shorts are AMAZING!


 What talent this girl has. I can't even put on clear nail polish without it looking like a hot mess! I guess we all have our talents don't we.

Draped silk sparkly cover-I am in LOVE all over again.

The tag says Richmond Seattle, it definitely looks vintage, but when I attempted to research the name I couldn't find anything. Seattlites if you have any information on Richmond Seattle please do share.

Butterfly sleeves SHUUDDUP! I know! Killing me softly! I think I paid 8 bucks, without a doubt it's worth so much more. The thrill of it all.

Gucci this Gucci that

uh huh I picked up these sophisticated mamas last weekend at a Garage Sale for 5 bucks thats riiiiighhttt 5 dolla made me hollah "honey boo boo child". That is until I realized they were too narrow for me. You win some you loose some. These are for SALE!

Sunshine Canisters

Aren't these beautiful! I must share the story about these sunshine canisters. When I purchased the cantisters they were taped up and I didn't bother to look inside. Once I got home I removed the tape when I opened the lid to one of them,  I was not so pleasantly surprised by what was inside-green, fuzzy disgusting MOLD. God only knows how long the mold has been growing in there. My stomach curls just thinking about it. Seriously, I almost lost my lunch instintly. But I had to pull myself together and build up just enough courage to clean it out-Gloves-Bleach-Boiling Hot Water-Soap and I went to work. I shall NOT be defeated!

I found this cute little doll chair for my God Daughter who is into American Girl. The cost of AG furniture is ridiculous.

My dog daughter Mulan thinks everything her size belongs to her. She is such a princess and not in a good way. LOL! She runs my life all 2.5lbs of her.
I didn't post What I Wore Wednesday this week. So here is a snap shot. My beautiful girlfriend Tina is crazy about fashion too. She always looks well put together on any given day.

WIWW- I love how my sweater feels and forms to my body just right. I've had this sweater for years and I love it just as much as I did when I first purchased it. My earrings are rains of chains LOL, thats what I call them SOUL Boutique  .  Wow, look how my watch glows in the picture. Another great thrift find.
ROAD TRIP-I am off to WALL WALLA (W2) Washington with my girlfriend Chelsea Mae-I adore her, she is so sweet, my guy Chinh and princess Mulan. A friend of mine from High School moved to Walla Walla with her husband and opened a thrift store Door Number 2. If you find yourself in W2 you must go in her little swank thrift shop. I am so excited to see her it's been over 15 years since we last saw each other.  I am looking forward to a little wine tasting, thrift shopping and much needed R&R.

Until next time SOULmates
Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s


  1. Nice photos!
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  2. looking great with your tribal printed jacket!


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