March 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-Spring Sweater Dress

"I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet."  
-Carrie Bradshaw

Hello Beautiful SOULmates

Dayum, I love a good sweater dress. Its simple, comfortable versatile and just plain cute. Today's weather has been a little cray cray-rain, sun, windy, and even hail.  If I didn't know any better I would say girlfriend Seattle is a little bipolar.  How's the weather going for you SOULmates? Its it REALLY spring where you live? 

Living in Seattle tights are a MUST-I pretty much have every color imagined.
I have never been the kinda gal that allows seasons  to dictate what colors I wear. However, my mood does.What about you, do you have alternating wardrobes for winter, spring, summer, and fall?

Here I decided to mix seasonal colors fall and spring.

My favorite scarf, the color just POPS! And its hella warm. I love TARGET!
I look like my grandma here-bless her heart.
 I am featuring a clutch I have for sale at my boutique SOUL.Its a great piece, bronze studded clutch-SAY NO MORE.Yes, the studs are real metal, which is great because it adds a little weight to the clutch.
Ladies, don't you love a handbag/clutch with detail? The clutch is lined with printed fabric purple and pink swirl. No need for a wallet because it has built in slots for your credit cards, id etc..(sorry, I forgot to take a picture). It also comes with a detachable chain which allows you to wear it as a purse of across your body-hands free for shopping. :)

Hit me up if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful bronze

I'm a nut!
Like new Michael Kors coat-found at Gwill WHAAAATTT!
I wish you could see the details on my fabulous shoes. I adore each and every pair of shoes I own especially these. They are one of the most unique pair I have. When I laid eyes on these shoes, it was love at first site. There are drawings of black women with afros dressed to the nines, dancing  and posing like VOGUE-LOVE!

BCBG shoes-Nordstrom

Michaeal Kors Watch-Nordstrom Bangles SOUL

I'm still rocking my feather earrings
These are for sale at my boutique. They are the last pair I have and they are sure to go FAST!. The picture is of one of my customers ROCKING her SOUL. She is so pretty and a sweet heart, she smiles and giggles all the time. Love it!

If you are interested in these earrings. Email me  
Mention the blog and I will give you a 20% discount. 
Check out my Facebook page y'all!

SOUL Boutique earrings
Thank you for stopping by. Off to the GYM I go grrrrr!

Always, SOULBeautiful xoshalikaxo


  1. I LOVE your "what I wore" posts! LOVE 'EM!!
    Those shoes are the absolute BIZ! I'm diggin the whole look, mixing the seasons colors. I don't have separate wardrobes. I just do my thing, whatever! That's it, that's all. Many days I'll start with what shoes I want to wear that day & put together an outfit around the shoes.
    Keep doing what you do! It's so cool being free to be who we are. No cookie-cutter fashion going on here! lol .

    1. Start with the shoes-I love it. Yes, it is cool to be an individual! God made one of me and I'm going to make sure I shine bright!Always, SOULBeauitful xx*s

  2. Replies
    1. Hey girl. I know I am seriously in love-I need to wear them more often. They are been on retirement for awhile now. Thx for stopping by Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  3. You look very pretty! Love the color of the dress and the red feather earrings!

  4. Love these colors together! Lookin' fierce my friend! <3 Cec...

    1. Me too. How are you Cec? I hope all is well with you and the fam bam. Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  5. I am glad I found your blog (thank you blog hop)!!!
    Love everything about your outfit. Green is so your color.


    1. I C*C thank you for stopping by and thank you for following. I plan to stop by and say hello. Always, SOULBeautiful xx8s


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