March 03, 2012

Pink Carpet Project-Don't mess with our BREAST

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."
-Malcolm X

Thursday night my girlfriend and I attended Pink Carpet Project, a fashion show benefit to raise money for Planned Parenthood. PCP was started in direct response to the Susan G Koman foundation's threat to pull funding from Planned Parenthood that would cut critical funding to Planned Parenthood's preventative clinical breast exams to low-income women.

The event was held at Fred Wild Life Refuge located in Seattle on Capital Hill. I 'm not sure what was more amazing, the event  or the fact that the event was put together in ONE month by two fabulous ladies Cameron, Grace Kelly and countless volunteers.

Cameron and Grace Kelly-source

Beautiful Burlesque performance 


The beautiful Ruby Mimosa source

Fushia Foxx
Friends, Fashion and FUN
Yes, we are all MOMs. FABULOUS if I may say so myself. Cheers ladies!

My Beautiful Latin Sistahs. I am feeling my Afro and I am sure my stylist ZUE is happy to see me rocking the fro but by the end of the night-NO BUENO!
My beautiful and talented friend-Chelsea Mae (i love her name) isn't she pretty-and she says this was her "off" day Rocking her SOUL earrings. 

Balenciaga <3 makes me weak in the knees

Can I wear this tonight!
warrior-I love this designer!
Yummy Trophy Cupcakes

PACKED HOUSE-SOLD OUT! Congrats Cameron and Grace Kelly
A magical night indeed, however its important to never forget the reason we came together and that is to support Planned Parenthood. 
This was one of THE best Fashion Shows I've been to in a long time. The performances were a wonderful treat and BRAVO to all the talented designers of the evening! 
Congratulations on a successful night it was amazing, I am looking forward to next year. 
Always, SOULBeautiful xoshalikaxo


  1. Fabulous blog my new friend!!! Actually made me tear up! You rock sista!!!

    1. So do you sista so do you! Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  2. what a great show! and i love your outfit, the blazer looks so lovely. This style is something that i can wear. also love your blog. Im following you too, so cheers:)


    1. It was so much fun Queenie-fyi you have the same first name as my Auntie. I have always love her name. Thank you for stopping by, lets keep in touch. Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  3. Wow, Shalika you are GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm following you now :) Awesome event, I wish I were in the states, because I definitely would've been there rocking out my pasties :P

    1. Awe thank you! I think you are Beautiful! The event was a great success in the name of our BREAST! The fashion show was amazing. If you come back to the states(Seattle) you must visit me. Lets, be in touch Always, SOULBeautiful. xx*s


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