October 31, 2011

Make It Your Own Monday: Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I really enjoy Halloween, besides Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. My take on Halloween is to really dress unlike your self, but still keep your sense of style, and self respect. I only realized a few days ago that my costume this year totally applies to this little column in that lately I've been experimenting with menswear trends and have found it to be really lovely to keep your style a bit androgynous, so I incorporated that into my costume by dressing as the main character from the movie Risky Business but playing up some feminine features. I wore the classic oversized button down and the crew socks, but to put my twist on the costume I opted for black with pumpkin printed sleeping shorts instead of the tighty whiteys that the costume is notorious for. I also tucked a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses in the collar of my shirt. To emphasize my feminine take of the costume, I wore a light smokey eye makeup look and some pinky red lips. Sadly, the picture I had of me in my costume got accidentally deleted but I will include a picture of the original costume just so you can get an idea.
Have a great Halloween!
xo Andie

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